Questions About Networks You Must Know the Answers To

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What to Expect from the Top Partner Programs: HP, Dell, Microsoft and Google. When people wake up the first thing they look at is their phone and perhaps head straight to the internet, it’s either Google, WhatsApp, Facebook App, or Skype. The most amazing bit is the fact that you can connect to the world from anywhere; be it your office, your house, your car, from a restaurant or caf?, people are now able to social network, video-conference, conduct Skype calls, thanks to the top Tech gurus in the world. To these experts, every second counts and the world never stops, every second is a dollar earned for them Technology companies cannot operate in isolation. Ever walked to a computer shop and in mind you knew what you wanted but another brand is marketed to you and you feel convinced it will serve the same purpose as the one you had in mind, and you actually end up purchasing it? That’s what happens in Tech world, there is always something new and all you need to do is convince your customers or potential customers that it will still serve you as what they are used to. Dell plans to partner with Microsoft, the giant software, to be able to match with its competitors. This partnership is going to be a huge milestone for Dell as Microsoft will help it remain in a long term competitive position. The launch of its Windows 8 operating system has not been any successful and with the massive growth of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, Apple’s iOS device and Google’s Android devices, it is only logical for the partnership to be there for both companies. Customers love their products and they always believe they are the best and original. However, all these public clouds have their strengths and weaknesses, and they are out to compete and provide their services to the users.Apart from being a cloud platform, Google also provides data-centric solutions for the companies that require it, since there are only three players in the business, Google needs to be strategic and integrated in its offerings, after all, it is the most known.
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HP has been known worldwide for its high tech computer and computer accessories. HP will also sell software that help company managers access data center servers right from their desk.
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They are all TECH companies offering similar services differentiated by a unique feature.We expect that all these technology companies will continue to work together. Others, it is just one product that has incorporated several other product into one, for instance a laptop with so many features, or a smartphone that has the ability to do video conferencing.I believe whatever we feel has not yet been tackled, whatever that is on our minds, someone somewhere has thought about it and is trying to incorporate it in one device. You and I rely on Google for Google maps a lot, these companies have literally brought the world right on our faces, virtual reality has been made easy by Google.