Marijuana could cure cancer

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Position marijuana in eye health is still controversial. Much research has been uncovering the benefits of cannabis as a medicinal plant which can be used to treat some diseases.

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Even so, through trial and study experts found that marijuana can be used as a medicine to treat and cure some diseases. Marijuana claimed to have a better effect than the drug to treat the cancer disease,


Medically, the stages to treat cancer aplenty. Starting from chemotherapy, take medications, radiation, and more. Costs incurred for the treatment of cancer is also not exactly little. But researchers have found that marijuana is effective enough to be used against cancer.

Researchers know that the cancer cells are very responsive to cannabis. Cancer cells will soon die if exposed to marijuana. Even if the cancer is located in different places, including the brain. lung, and breast, everything can be ‘captured by therapeutic marijuana. This is because the substance in marijuana called ceramide will immediately make contact with VEGF, a substance in the body associated with tumor growth. When ceramide on VEGF, cancer cells will die immediately and does not affect healthy cells.