An understanding of the importance of Career Choices

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The first step that we must know that the notion of career itself. There are various explanations about the meaning of a career that distinguishes it from other activities performed by a person to earn money, including in English dictionaries in Winkel & Hastuti (2007), there are some words that are equally refers to the notion of work as employment, job, occupationI, and career, but every word does not cover the same aspects of the meaning contained in a job.For loans tips, you can see through

Said employment and job emphasizes aspects that a person feels involved in his work and sees it as a source of personal satisfaction that non-economical. Occupation more emphasis on the word that someone was involved in his work since has been preparing to hold the job and gain personal satisfaction, but his involvement can still be limited to working hours only. The word Vocation and career more emphasis that someone sees her job as a vocation that permeates the entire universe of thoughts and feelings as well as coloring their whole lifestyle (life style) without prejudice to the other aspects that are hidden above.

Based on some of the opinions of experts can be concluded that a career is an activity carried out by someone to make ends meet is not solely due to the material aspects alone but that activity has become his calling. Where, finally the activity it generates a series of experience-rules of thumb because it was done in the long term.
There are many among us who choose a job based only on the external aspects alone, either because of the prestige, material, went along with a friend, or due to parental choice. Without them knowing that whatever their decision today regarding this career choice will impact on their future life which not only affect the future of their careers but also personal and social aspects. Herr, Cramer & Niles in (Glading, 2012) also suggests that income, stress, social identity, meaning, education, clothing, hobbies, interests, friends, lifestyle, housing, and even personality characteristics associated with a person’s working life. In addition Hurlock (1980) also suggested that many cases in select areas of work that do not match their talents and interests (conscience small) but selected because of the large social influence there, it was a cause of dissatisfaction with the results of his work, not feeling loved his job and work performance decreases. It’s enough to give a reason how important we do a variety of considerations before choosing a particular career.
There are several factors to be considered before choosing a particular career. If we refer to the theory of Donald Super then we need to consider two aspects of internal and external factors of ourselves. Internal factors are factors that come from individuals themselves as needs, personality traits and intellectual abilities (talent and interest), while external factors are factors that come from outside the individual, such as the level of social-economic, environmental demands of culture, and an opportunity / looseness appears. However, according to Donald Super career choice remains focused on internal factors a person.