5 Questions to Determine the Right Career

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Choosing a career is certainly not easy, because in addition to related interests, career must also be lived daily by everyone. But do not worry, determine careers can be begins with knowing yourself more deeply. To knowing more about career in tech, you can see it in itpro.tv/

Five of these questions can help you to identify yourself deeper and knowing exactly what career you want, as reported by Brazen Carrerist

# 5. Where do you want to live?

Actually, this question is not so important for some type of career, but it’s important for others, especially at work that much focus on one city. Suppose if you want to wrestle the world of entertainment, then you should choose a place like downtown. Interested in art? some suburbs might provide what you are looking for.

Please note that this is not only associated with a place to stay, but also with lifestyle and what you can get from the city later.

# 4. What lifestyle do you want?

The course work related to salary or wages you get, and is highly related to your lifestyle everyday. some job you want and the like may not provide much income as you want. To that end, it is important to know what kind of lifestyle you want and find a job that can fulfill it.

But this is not only related to wages. Some jobs require you to move where, always make traveling to all parts of the world, or makes you have frequent contact with social things. If you already know the lifestyle you want, it will be easier to select the job that you need.

# 3. Work environment such as what is suitable for you?

The working environment is certainly important for you to do the job. But this has more to do with yourself. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? An introvert may be happy and able to work well in quiet work environments, while extroverts seem more excited when in the workplace noisy, crowded, and look busy.

Some things such as public speaking, working as a team, and talks with clients also include some things you should be a consideration.

# 2. What is your focus at work?

Always feel motivated and empowered to work is one of the aspects of satisfaction in a career. But motivation can be different for each person. Generally there are two types of motivation, namely the promotion-focused and prevention-focused.

People with promotion-focused tendencies are those who are happy to take the risk, active, quick, abstract thinking, creative, and talented to be an entrepreneur or work related to creativity and risk. While people with prevention-focused tendencies are those who are happy to maintain balance and order. They are more adept at thinking analysis, planning, and consider carefully before taking the plunge.

If you’ve found a tendency for you, then you begin to imagine what kind of work you want to do.

# 1. What expertise, and what are you interested?

Yes, you may have often hear things like “follow what interests you,” or “follow your dreams.” But not everyone has a clear dream, or sometimes have dreams that are too high as to be like Shakespeare.

The problem is not the idea to pursue things that interest you, but that your aspirations are too broad and difficult to do. First of all, think of your dreams as a preliminary step. Suppose if you want to be like Shakespeare, then the field can your field is to write or become an editor. Then hone your skills in that field.

You could be a fiction writer, novelist, short story writer, or a teacher of writing. Honed abilities can take you to a higher career as editor of a publication.