3 Jobs You Can Get With an MBA

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These days, the more education and training you have, the better your chances of getting hired for the dream job you’re after. In particular, graduates with an MBA are in high demand today, and have their pick of the litter in terms of the types of jobs available to them that are both rewarding and high-paying.

Here are just some of the jobs you can expect to be able to get after graduating with an MBA with the help of onlinemba.mason.wm.edu/:

  1. Financial Manager

Companies across the globe depend on the expertise of financial managers. Essentially, financial managers supervise the financial activities and transactions of organizations and  oversee investment activities, generate financial processes and procedures, and manage the overall budget process of the company.

Financial managers are responsible for helping companies meet all of their fiscal objectives. There is projected to be a 7% growth through to the year 2024, which means being a financial manager comes with relatively high demand. The average salary for this position is currently $117,990.

  1. Management Consultant

Management consultants offer focused direction for organizations and help them stay relevant and competitive in their particular industries. They generally specialize in a certain niche, and assist companies in solving management issues, controlling costs, maximizing profits, increasing worker productivity, and boosting overall efficiency.

Management consultants offer advice to CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s, and other top executives. With a projected growth of 14% for management consultants through to 2024, this profession is growing at a much faster rate compared to the average for all occupations. The current median annual salary sits at $81,320, but can easily go into six figures.

  1. Sales Manager

The job of a sales manager involves identifying and recommending specific improvements to be made in sales procedures, analyzing market trends, setting objectives, and evaluating the needs of customers. It also involves creating new promotions to boost sales performance and developing training programs for sales staff.

With an employment outlook of 5% projected growth over the next decade, sales manager job growth is preceding along with the average for all occupations. Currently, the median annual salary for a sales manager is $113,860. This is just the surface of all the possible high-paying jobs that you can expect to get with an MBA. And by studying online, you can get all the conveniences that come along with a flexible schedule and no need to travel! Start your online MBA education today!